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5월 24일 (금)



Brazil 716 – Brazilian choro/samba/jazz

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Brazil 716 – Brazilian choro/samba/jazz
Brazil 716 – Brazilian choro/samba/jazz

시간 및 장소

2024년 5월 24일 오후 7:00

Buffalo, 19 Wadsworth St, Buffalo, NY 14201, USA


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DOORS @ 6:30PM / SHOW @ 7PM

STAGE AREA: $15 reserved seating

BAR AREA: $13 reserved seating

*No refund or exchanges *Tickets can be transferred to another person *Unclaimed seats 15 minutes after start time will be open to walk-ins*

Via Rio de Janeiro and NYC comes something new, exciting, and different for Buffalo’s music aficionados: real instrumental choro-samba with a modern twist, including originals and standards of choro, samba, and bossa.  Brazil 716 is guitarist-composer Stephen Guerra (Buffalo) and trio Rosa Boêmia (Rochester). Italian American guitarist-composer Stephen Guerra performs and teaches Brazilian choro around the world, often touring with legend Rogério Souza. Stephen’s published multiple albums and scores with Mel Bay, Guitar Chamber Music Press, and independently on Bandcamp and streaming platforms, including his album of originals recorded in Brazil, No Balanço do Choro-Samba (Nov.2023). Stephen teaches music theory and the choro ensemble at the University at Buffalo.

 Rosa Boêmia Based in Rochester, NY, Rosa Boêmia (Ken Luk, bandolim; Bernardo Marcondes Rodrigues, guitar; Darien Lamen, pandeiro) specializes in Brazilian choro music. Originated in 19th century Rio de Janeiro, choro is a popular instrumental music genre that began around the same time as samba. Contrary to its meaning “cry” or “lament,” choro is upbeat, joyous, and syncopated.

Thanks for supporting PAUSA art house, our musicians and live music in Buffalo. "Life is better with friends"



    Direct view of musicians

    세금: +US$3.75 Ticket Fee

    Partial and TV view only of the musicians / surround sound

    세금: +US$3.25 Ticket Fee

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